C O L L A G E   I I I

2012 / Mixed media collages created for Decade Diary; using own Illustrations, watercolor washes, handwriting, personal photographs and found photographs. Sources of found photographs are respectively documented on Decade Diary in the corresponding blog posts:

1. Oh Hello 2. Where To Find Me 3. Resort No. 1 4. Effortless 5. Rose Parade 6. A Stranger In A Strange Land 7. How Can I 8. Strawberry 9. Primary 10. Melting Ice Cap Mountain Tops For You 11. I'll Take You There 12. Pancakes, Roadtrips & Summer 13. Field Day For The Sundays 14. Dress Up, Alena 15. Scarf and Lipstick 16. Seashell Eyes 17. Overalls and Lipstick 18. Watch Us Carefully 19. Head Start 20. Polka Dots Forever